Introducing DeStreet: Trade onchain with friends

Introducing DeStreet: Trade onchain with friends

February 27, 2024

Where Main St. Meets Wall St.

Your friend tells you about $WIF and how she’s going in, but you don’t have the time to keep up with the hottest trends in memecoins. If you’ve been active in crypto, you know the feeling. You just wish there was a way to join in through your phone with a few easy clicks.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of DeStreet, the simplest, fast, fun, and mobile-first way to trade with your friends. DeStreet’s dApp allows you to join a friend’s trade, create your own, and share your wins – or commiserate together in your losses.

Built on Open Finance

At DeStreet, we’re building the open financial system. It’s trustless thanks to Solana’s non-custodial programs, taps into onchain liquidity to offer all your favorite assets, and takes a mobile-first approach.

1. DeStreet Runs Onchain

Traders are only able to trade the assets specified and upon trade expiry, all assets are returned to depositors. As a depositor, you never give up custody of your funds and can see every action on any block explorer.

2. DeStreet Uses Jupiter

We'll always get you the best prices on your trades and enable you to trade all the assets you love.

3. Seamlessly Social

DeStreet is meant to be collaborative, so we've made it easy to connect your X account to display your handle, profile picture, and soon create a curated trade feed.

4. Now Available Everywhere

DeStreet is accessible through Solflare, Phantom, or Backpack mobile wallets (*and soon in the Solana Saga dApp store).

Go to in your mobile wallet browser to get started! And visit our documentation to get a step-by-step guide on using DeStreet.

What’s Next to Tackle TradFi?

  • Higher pool limits. Today is our first day of DeStreet’s beta. Over the coming months, expect to see higher limits and more assets.

  • Solana Saga native app to give you the best mobile experience

  • Provable onchain PnLs and user stats to discover the best traders

  • More trading options for your fungible tokens, including perpetuals

  • Bringing the same great experience to non-fungible tokens. Yep, your jpegs are coming soon ;)

  • Privacy to protect your alpha

  • Points? Only if you really want them.

Join us, spread the word, and tell us what you want – we’ll get it shipped. Give us a shout on Discord, Twitter, or our Telegram.